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Our ME2 is a Mass Extraction instrument that replaces dye ingress testing with air. Cutting cost and increasing test speed the M2 is a complete leak testing solution.

Product Usage

  • Leak Testing Under Vacuum
    • Hard Vacuum – Molecular Flow (Less than 0.1 psia)
    • Leak Tightness from 10-7 sccs at 0.02 (0.1 µm defect size)
  • Mass Extraction Testing
  • Cleanroom or Industrial Applications
  • CE Approved


  • Molecular Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS)
  • Automated Vacuum Test Circuit, Uniquely Designed for Ultra-Tight Leak Specifications
  • Built in Balance and Quick Evacuation Circuits
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Built-In Verification Orifice (Glass) and Valve
  • Digital and Analog I/O Interface
  • Ethernet or Serial Interface
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure for Cleanrooms
  • Optional Test Cart with Vacuum Generation and Control Packages

Product Manual

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